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If you send me an ask message asking what a pb is, I'm going to beat my head against a wall. for the trillionth time, it's in the faq. if you ask anyway, i won't be held responsible for snarkiness. kthxbai

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1. If you’d like credit for your submission, please add “submitted by -your blog here-“. I was fine just adding them myself, but suddenly every time I click the link I have five new submissions. If you don’t include this, I’ll assume that you didn’t want your blog attached to the submission.

2. Photo only. If you put the url to the photo in the “caption” part, I’ll ignore your submission.

3. If it’s anything along the lines of “Find out what a pb is… Real rpers draw their characters!”, it won’t be published. That’s elitist and I won’t have it.