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If you send me an ask message asking what a pb is, I'm going to beat my head against a wall. for the trillionth time, it's in the faq. if you ask anyway, i won't be held responsible for snarkiness. kthxbai

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What’s a face claim/play by/pb?

Face - the person that your character is played by. Like Alan Rickman PLAYS Severus Snape. Well, whomever you choose is “playing” your character, AKA, is your character’s face.

Thanks to an anon for that answer.

PB can mean Play By, Played By, etc, etc.
Played by/play by meaning the person who is the characters main default picture. Such as, John Smith has the PB of Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp’s picture is being used to portray that character physically, not necessarily personality wise.
An example that one person, who clearly did not read the FAQ, used was “Find Perfect Play By - Get Excited Until You Realize No One But You Cares”
By ‘find perfect play by’ they mean they have discovered the perfect picture for their creation. And I hope to sweet jesus you can comprehend the very last line, or you have no hope, period.’ had a clearer explanation, though it’s long and antagonistically worded XD 

Thanks toswnytddobsd for that explanation.

Will you promote my rp?

Unless it’s the day we open the Roleplay Promotion Service, no.

What’s the Roleplay Promotion Service (formerly known as Site Whoring Sunday)?

Before you submit your ad for the RPS, I implore you to read this and this.

On Sunday, send a message to me promoting your site. At 8 pm EST, I’ll collect up all the ads into a text post and post it.

Note: Any of these submissions that do not follow the guidelines will not be put into the post.

I love you!

I love you too!

Can you help me do something you probably don’t have time for and I could solve myself with a simple google search?


Can I submit something as text?

Well, you can. I guess. But most likely, I’m not gonna make it.

Can I submit something and ask for it to be anon?

No. It takes too long for me to take your submissions,the text posts that go along with them and resubmit them under anon. If you have any questions on how you can do it, go here.

How do I find rp partners?

Just get out there and join a group. I know it seems intimidating, but there’s really no other way. Just do it. If you really are lost, try finding a fandom you like. I swear, you can do it without my help.

Do you know of a good place to find rp partners?


I’m having a problem with my rp group and I don’t know what to do it’s just not fun anymore!!

RP is about fun. If you’re not having fun quit the group.